Americans Speaking Up

I am sure that all of you are aware of this, but it is certainly interesting to still read about. After the victory of President Obama, hundreds of thousands of Americans are asking to be separated from the United States. Twenty states have used social media to try and secede from the US. By posting a petition on the White House’s website, citizens have expressed their concern of being under the leadership of Obama for another four years. So far, an estimated “675,000 digital signatures” have been collected on the website. If one state receives 25,000 signatures, it is required that the government give a response of some kind (Martosko, 2012).

An example of one state that is leading the charge towards secession is Texas. Despite the fact, that their governor has already declared that he is not affiliated with this decision, the citizens of this state are still heavily pushing for a secession. This only brings to my mind more concerns of the future. Texas alone has around 100,000 digital signatures and I’m sure more will follow. If the state, excluding the government, want to be separated, what will happen? Will one of the most proud states become a country again and dismantle the establishment of the Texan government? It is unquestionably a far fetched idea, but if the right leader happens to stand up and take on the responsibilities of pushing the secession forward for Texas, is it really a long shot?

I honestly cannot see any state truly seceding from the Union nor do I wish for it to ever happen. Personally, I do not like the direction in which Obama is taking this country and 59,000,000 American citizens agree with me (Fox News, 2012). Some citizens feel like using social media is their escape to let their voices be heard and hopefully, some form of action will take place from their postings. Is seceding the right way to try and change the government? I don’t believe so, but citizens feel helpless enough to drastically try and change the ways that we have been governed. I understand that people don’t just want to sit back and watch as the next four years unravel in front of their faces but, is dividing a torn nation the correct method of action or is trying to amend a downward spiraling economy the way to go?

Unfortunately, I don’t see Republicans and Democrats agreeing on many issues but, this could very well be the time needed for both parties to work together. The fact that it has already come down to states proposing to peacefully withdraw from the United States, means that trouble is stirring. If the government for these states do not collaborate with its citizens, public riots could very well be next. People riot over simple things like sports. God only knows what will happen if hundreds of thousands of people’s lives change for the worse. Whatever course of action Obama has up his sleeve, I hope it becomes utilized to the best of its outcome. If not, then I do not know what the typical American citizen will think of next.


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What was that song called again…..?

Ever have that problem before of not being able to remember the name of a song you heard on the radio? One of the coolest apps that I have ever seen is called, “Shazam.” Shazam can listen to a few seconds of a song and then instantly pull up who the artist is and what the song is called. This has created the new method of spreading music without even having to know the name of the band or the song.

This app literally works with several feet apart from the iPhone or whatever smartphone you may have. My friend actually tested this the other day. We were driving by someone who was blaring their music at a red light where we were both stopped. He used the Shazam app and sure enough it was able to pick up the song and who sings it. This type of social media not only produces word of mouth marketing but can then the song can be bought on itunes or spread through Facebook. For anyone who has never purchased this app before, I highly encourage trying it.

Bands Using Social Media

One of the biggest industries for using social media has always been music. If it wasn’t for music in my opinion, I don’t think MySpace would have actually become that popular. The bands drove the growth to MySpace where fans could finally connect to their favorite celebrities. The trend never stopped since Facebook has numerous bands use the website everyday. Something never dawned upon me was that Facebook still does not have a music player linked directly to people’s pages. You can seek out a band and play their music that way but their is no general music player that will appear if you view a user. MySpace was proud of this customization factor that distinguished members from others. Bands gained even more exposure this way without even having to try to market themselves. 

Now bands can just simply post one thing and almost cause an uproar of commotion whether good or bad. Some bands have used their popularity to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Other bands or musicians have been swept into a field of negativity from the public. One celebrity that seems to have been ridiculed to the point of super stardom is Nicki Minaj. Thousands of people have commented on her pictures claiming that her music is harmful to teenage girls and for those who look up to her. Music will always have its place in social media. Whether it is good or bad, it will never go away. People use it to express their individualism and to relate to others who have a similar taste in music. 

Ingenius Social Media Marketing = Beachbody

Many of you are probably already well aware of the company I am going to be talking about in this blog. The company is called, Beachbody. This is the company that has made literally millions of dollars by creating workout DVD programs that anyone can do in their living room. Some of these programs are P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, and the one that I am currently doing; Insanity Asylum.

If you have never heard of these programs before, then I am pretty much astounded. Their marketing team gets an “A” for effort in my book. Not only do they have informercials constantly running on TV for the workout programs but, Beachbody has found a way to transform their external stakeholders (customers) into internal stakeholders (employees). These new employees are “graduates” of the programs and want to share their stories with other people. Once someone has transformed their themselves into a healthier version, he or she has the chance to become a Beachbody coach. This means that he or she can sell Beachbody’s products and make a commission off of them. This is where the social marketing comes into play.

The best way to sell yourself as a coach to new customers is to use social media marketing. The two most successful ways that I have seen are through YouTube and Facebook. Thousands of people have recorded themselves doing the workouts and include their “before and after” photos. This is a message to the viewer that if you do the workout, you will get these kinds of results. One of the best videos I have seen is from a coach named Wayne. Here is his video:

His results generated 960,000 views on YouTube. First thing he did was link his YouTube page to his own website and to follow him on Facebook. This allows for people to get diet tips, workout advice, and more from Wayne himself. In return, whenever a person buys a supplement or workout program, he makes a commission. He marketed himself so well that he actually appeared in P90X2. The most successful of these coaches have quit their full time jobs and only sell with Beachbody now. It is quite remarkable to see this since I have followed some people for years and over time, I have seen them develop their own businesses.

Once I finish up this semester, I am probably going to pursue coaching as well and give it a shot for some time. People that I know personally are amazed at my transformation after I finished Insanity and they all wanted to try it. I also give nutrition advice on a daily basis to people I have met in person or on websites such as Facebook. It is a subject that I love talking about and if I can make some profit while doing it, then that’s even better.


First Official Post

I apologize for how long this took to post, but after careful revision of your suggestions, here is my post.

My topic is about how Social Media has completely changed the way that I operate in my position. Only a few years ago, someone would be doing my job in a completely different manner. I work at a company called, Biz Unite. Here at Biz Unite, we are a GPO that deals with the customers of Grainger Industrial Supply and the members of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). These two organizations have created a contract within my business to address their members about a new discount program to Grainger Industrial Supply. It is my job to reach out to these members and make them aware of the discounts they are getting for no cost because they are members of the NFIB.

If someone took on this position ten years ago. The method to reach the member would have been just cold calling them from a list of names and numbers provided by the NFIB and Grainger. Now a days, that is almost unheard of to just do this. The tools and programs that I have as my resources, make my job easier and far more successful. This is all because of Social Media.

I’ll start off with the basics. My building is quite large as far as square foot size and by floors. Trying to walk from office to office just to relay a message to a coworker can be time consumption. Instead, everyone at the office is required to download Gtalk, which is Google’s instant messaging system. This makes it a breeze to get in contact with a coworker without having to do email. The second form of SM we use for internal work is our software to keep track of members’ names, numbers, and other information. This can all be shared at any point from any employee given access in our software called, Tracker. It was developed specifically for us and has made life much simpler.

Next for SM comes actually from information gathering. Not all information that we receive from the NFIB or Grainger is 100% accurate about their customers. We have resources such as Dun and Bradstreet Inc (DNBI). This provides access to any organizations internal structure, information, amount spent, locations, size, and much more. All of this information can be emailed or forwarded at any time to any registered member. Other tools are LinkedIn or Facebook. Many organizations don’t have websites anymore, but you would be surprised to see how many have a Facebook or a LinkedIn page. I have found that several people do not have time to answer phone calls but, will gladly take emails or messages through Outlook or other social media outlets.

Biz Unite also serves members outside of the NFIB. Biz Unite as a whole can offer discount programs to many other members that belong to other organizations. There is also a way to sign up to the Biz Unite program even if you are not apart of an organization. These types of discounts come from other vendors such as Office Max, Staples, Sprint, Goodyear, Aramark, and 30 others. Trying to be educated about every single program can be a daunting task. However, a social media tool called, BrainShark, has helped tremendously. This program can contain a Power Point presentation that is over dubbed with an employee’s voice from one of the vendors. For instance, the President of ADP created a BrainShark presentation to help educate members about what the program can actually do. It also can do a blend of a video and a Power Point presentation. Think of a combination of YouTube, Power Point, and a form of iMovie.

All of these SM outlets has made my job so much more successful. With all the tools at my disposal, it is almost impossible to fail. There will always be challenges no matter what, but technology has created a new way for business to be done.